Proton Synchrotron Straight section pictures

SS90 PR.SS90 Layout database

On the blue table, from left to right, a wide band pick-up (PS-BPUWA-EC-0001), an octupole magnet and a vacuum sector valve.

SS91 PR.SS91 Layout database

An accelerating radio frequency cavity, part of the 10MHz system. The red top contains the tunable ferrite-loaded cavity, and the blue bottom holds the power amplifier.

SS92 PR.SS92 Layout database

A 13-20MHz RF cavity. The actual cavity is the horizontal cylinder in the background. The boxes in the foreground contain the power amplifier.

SS93 PR.SS93 Layout database

At the left, between the pole pieces of the bending magnet, a pick-up of the orbit measurement system (CODD). The cylinder on the blue table is a sensitive position pick-up.

SS94 PR.SS94 Layout database

On the blue table, the wideband electrostatic pick-up ( WBESPU ). Sextupole PR.XNO94 added in Straight Section 94, as described in PS-MXNBA-EC-0001
Standing on the floor at the left, a vacuum pumping station.

SS95 PR.SS95 Layout database

At the left edge of the picture, between the pole pieces of the bending magnet, a pick-up of the orbit measurement system (CODD). On the blue table, the cylindrical object is a wall current monitor (WCM). At the right, a quadrupole doublet.

SS96 PR.SS96 Layout database

One of the radio frequency cavities of the 10MHz accelerating system.
The object in the foreground left is a pumping manifold, with an ion pump on top.

SS97 PR.SS97 Layout database

The kicker of the transverse feedback (TFB) system. This device damps oscillations in the transverse plane of the particle orbit just after injection, and ensures stability of the beam at high intensities.

SS98 PR.SS98 Layout database

The transverse feedback PU is installed at the left end of the section.
On the blue table, a pick-up to investigate the 'electron cloud effect'.

SS99 PR.SS99 Layout database

The orange block on the blue table is a quadrupole triplet magnet.
The cabling attached to the table goes to the transverse feedback PU now in SS98.


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Pictures: Courtesy of Maximilien Chefdeville & Simon Mataguez
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