Proton Synchrotron Straight section pictures

SS10 PR.SS10 layout database

Sextupole PR.XSK10 added in Straight Section 10, as described in PS-MX_AA-EC-0001 To the right, a vacuum sector valve.

SS11 PR.SS11 Layout database

On of the radio frequency cavities of the 10MHz accelerating system. Through the opened hatch, one can see the two ferrite loaded cylinders that permit the cavity to be tuned, with the actual accelerating gap between them. The blue base contains the final power amplifier.

SS12 PR.SS12 Layout database

To the left, between the pole pieces of the bending magnet, an electrostatic pick-up. On the blue table, a dipole magnet. Between the magnet and the pick-up, a beam stopper.

SS13 PR.SS13 Layout database

Kicker magnet KFA13.

SS14 PR.SS14 Layout database

On the blue table, a dipole bumper electromagnet. Standing on the floor at the left a vacuum pumping station. The red sphere at the left of the table is a turbomolecular pump and on the floor underneath stands a roughing pump.
Sextupole PR.XSK14 added in Straight Section 14, as described in ECR: 1250605

SS15 PR.SS15 Layout database

Corrector magnets PR.DHZ03 and PR.DHZ15 removed from Straight Section 03 and 15 respectively, as described in PS-MCHBA-EC-0001 Removal of the quadrupole magnet PR.QNT15, from SS15 during LS1, in preparation for the installation of a dummy septum in SS15. PS-MQNBC-EC-0001 New Dummy Septum (absorber) installed in Straight Section 15, named PE.TPS15. See PS-TPS-EC-0001

SS16 PR.SS16 Layout database

Magnetic septum SMH16. This device switches proton beams from the accelerator into the F16 ejection line toward the SPS. The rectangular boxes in the aluminium laced jackets hanging from it are ion pumps.

SS17 PR.SS17 Layout database

In the foreground, in the left-most part of the section, one of the orbit measurement pick-ups (CODD). Its usual location in the pumping manifold is not accessible due to the passage of the F16 ejection line.

In the background the first bending dipole magnet of the ejection line.

SS18 PR.SS18 Layout database

On the blue table, at the left, a dipole magnet.

SS19 PR.SS19 Layout database

The magnet marked 'tesla' in the centre on the blue table is dipole PR.BSW23, producing an orbit bump in SS23. To its right, the red magnet is a quadrupole doublet.


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Pictures: Courtesy of Maximilien Chefdeville & Simon Mataguez
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